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  1. 1. Control-Path Driven Process-Group Discovery Framework and its Experimental Validation for Process Mining and Reengineering
  2. 2. Analyzing Teachers' Educational Needs to Strengthen AI Convergence Education Capabilities
  3. 3. Where and Why? A Novel Approach for Prioritizing Implementation Points of Public CCTVs using Urban Big Data
    Ji Hye Park, Daehwan Kim, Keon Chul Park, Vol. 24, No. 5, pp. 97-106, Oct. 2023
    Keywords: , CCTV; Priority Regions; Public Data; Spatial Analysis; Seoul Metropolitan City
  4. 4. Small-cell Resource Partitioning Allocation for Machine-Type Communications in 5G HetNets
  5. 5. Demand Forecasting Model for Bike Relocation of Sharing Stations
  6. 6. Sensor Information Collection Method and System for on-site Management based on Digital-twin
  7. 7. Histogram-Based Singular Value Decomposition for Object Identification and Tracking
  8. 8. Implementation algorithm and system for generating PWM frequency for berthing the train at station
  9. 9. Design Blockchain as a Service and Smart Contract with Secure Top-k Search that Improved Accuracy
  10. 10. A Study on Efficient AI Model Drift Detection Methods for MLOps
  11. 11. An AI-Based Prevention Program to Protect Youth from Cybergrooming
  12. 12. A study on the Impact of Online Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Western China