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  1. 1. Research on BGP dataset analysis and CyCOP visualization methods
    Jae-yeong Jeong, Kook-jin Kim, Han-sol Park, Ji-soo Jang, Dong-il Shin, Dong-kyoo Shin, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 177-188, Feb. 2024
    Keywords: BGP, CyCOP Framework, Machine Learning, Cyber 3 Layer, Anomaly Detection
  2. 2. Analysis of the Security Requirements of the Chatbot Service Implementation Model
  3. 3. Derivation of an effective military fitness model RSC clustering analysis method through review of e-commerce customers clustering analysis methods
    Junho Lee, Byung-in Roh, Dong-kyoo Shin, Vol. 24, No. 6, pp. 145-153, Dec. 2023
    Keywords: Military, fitness, RFM customer analysis, RSC analysis model
  4. 4. A Study on Intelligent Self-Recovery Technologies for Cyber Assets to Actively Respond to Cyberattacks
  5. 5. Implementation algorithm and system for generating PWM frequency for berthing the train at station
  6. 6. A Study on the High Reliability Audio Target Frequency Generator for Industry and Military
  7. 7. A Study on ways to secure personal information stability according to the implementation of the mobile phone use system for milityary personnel
  8. 8. A Study on the Framework for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Cyber Weapon Systems Associated with Cyberspace and Physical Space
  9. 9. A study on the cyber common operation picture for situational awareness in cyberspace
  10. 10. A research on cyber target importance ranking using PageRank algorithm
    Kook-jin Kim, Seung-hwan Oh, Dong-hwan Lee, Haeng-rok Oh, Jung-sik Lee, Dong-kyoo Shin, Vol. 22, No. 6, pp. 115-127, Dec. 2021
    Keywords: Cyber Operation, Cyber Target, Cyber Security, Pagerank Algorithm