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Submission Rule


As Korean thesis or English thesis to be inserted in the collected papers is the one related to the information science and its application, it shall be the contents contributed to the academic and industrial develpoment or the originality shall be recognized.



It is not allowed to submit the thesis inserted in other collected papers of the domestic / overseas, and the final reponsibility fot the inserted contents of thesis will belong to the writer(s).

To observe the ethics regulations for thesis of Korean Society for Internet Information that has been separated established, and to comply with International Standard Publication Ethics.




The thesis contributor and the joint writer shall be surely the members of this learned society.



The thesis will be receied frequently, and the reception day shall be the on-line reception day.



The thesis will be uploaded on the on-line thesis jusgement service of the jomepage (www.jics.or.kr), and the submission and wnquiry of the thesis shall be made to the executive office.

(Rm 505, Korea Science and Tech. Center, Bew Bldg, 22, Teheranro 7-gil(Yeoksam-dong), Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06130, South Korea, e-mail : paper@ksii.or.kr, Tel : 02-564-2825, Fax : 02-564-2834).



As for submission of the thesis, if the writers of the thesis are above 2 persons, the writer firstly described will be regarded as the first writer, which will have the responsibility and right for the submitted thesis representing other joint writers.

As per the conesnt of the joint writers, the corresponding (representative) writer can be disignated / specified.

As for the corresponding (representative) writer, the contact point shall be surely described as per the regulations.



The manuscript shall be published for the research thesis, which shall be prepared in Korean or English.

It shall be prepared on A4 paper by selecting one of Korean (hwp) and Word (Ms Word) and it shall be prepared within 30 pages including the picture and table.



The applicaion for submission of thesis shall be surely prepared and submitted by the e-mail (paper@ksii.or.kr), and the name and the attached institute shall not be described on the thesis, and it shall be prepared in the sequence of the Korean abstract, keyword, body, reference and appendix commencing from the subject (Including English).



The numbers being applicable to the chapter or paragraph shall be indicared in Arabic number such as 1., 1.1, (1) and etc.



The picture title shall be indicated in the below center (Picture-1), and as for the table, (Table-1) shall be indicated in the uppper left, and as for the Korean thesis, the English writing shall be surely made.



As for the literature directly related to the contents of the thesis, the reference number shall be described in the body related to such literature, and this literature shall be descrived in the space of the reference in the sequence of the citation.

All the references shall be inticated in English, and as fo the journal, it shall be described in the sequence of the writer, subject, name of the journal, volume, issue, number of pafes and publication year, and as for the book form, it shall be described in the sequence of the writer, book name, number of pages, publisher and publication year.

As for Korean book form, it shall be converted into proper writing in English.


[1] Cloe, R., “Parallel Merge Sort”, SIAM Journal of Computing, Vol. 19, No.4, pp.770-785, 1988.

[2] Bellmen, O., “Introduction to Martix Analysis”, 2nd Ed, p.234, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979.

[3] Thuc Kieu-Xuan, Insoo Koo, “A Kullback-Leiber Divergence0based Spectrum Sensing for Congnitive Radio System”, Journal of Korean Society for Internet Information, Vol 13, Issue 1, pp/1-6, 2012.



If the insetrion is fixed, the contributor shall submit the introduction of the writer including the passport-size photo, and all the published manuscripts will become the assets of Korean Society for Internet Information, and it shall not be published by any other one without the written permit.

As for the writer checklist and the written consent for transfer of copyright, the form shall be described and delivered to the executive office of the learned society by fax or e-mail.



All the manuscripts will be judged by 3 judges appointed by the editorial committee members, and the judgment reuslt will be informed by e-mail, and the judgment opinion can be confirmed through the on-line submission system.

As for the thesis requiring the re-judgment, in case of the general thesis, the revision shall be sumitted within 1 months after informing the judgment for re-deliberation, and in case of the urgent thesis, he revision shall be submitted wihtin 2 weeks after informing the judgment for re-deliveration, and it shall be regarded as the waive if the relevant period is passed without any correspondence or notice.



The writer of the submitted thesis can be altered during judgment as per the contribution degree of the research, but it can not be altered after the judgment is completed.



The thesis receiving the judgment for non-intertion can be re-submitted in case of the correction/supplement.



The contributor shall pay KRW 50,000 of judgment fee per one thesis in case of submitting the thesis, and the selected contributor shall pay the following insertion fee as per the number of pages before printing,

As for the insertion fee of the thesis, KRW 100,000 shall be paid up to 7 pages and KRW 50,000 per page shall be additionally paid as to above 8 pages.

However, in case of the urgent insertion, KRW 200,000 shall be additionally borne as the expense in this relation. In case the insertion fee exceeds KRW 200,000, twice shall be borne if it is urgent insertion.

(Example: thesis insertion fee – KRW 250,000 (10pages)  →  Urgent insertion fee – KRW 500,000)

Number of printing pages                    Below 7 pages              Above 8 pages

Thesis insertion fee                   KRW 100,000              KRW 50,000 added/page

Supporting phrase paper(Acknowledgment) will be charged an additional 100,000 won (Applied from 1 April 2021 submitted paper.)


In case the express judgment and the urgent insertion are required owing to the special circumstance, it can be executed with the approval of the thesis edition committee.

※ However, the writer shall bear KRW 300,000 of express judgment fee.

* As for the urgent thesis judgment, the judgment will be made only as ‘Insertion accepted’ and “Insertion rejected’ so as tor reduce the judgment hours.



As for the thesis inserted in the collected papers, 20 copies of offprints shall be bestowed on the contributor.

In case of wanting above 20 copies of offprints, it shall apply for the required copies when the insertion is informed, and the contributor shall pay the actual expense until theh draft is completed.



The copyright of the thesis inserted in the collected papers of Korean society for the Internet Information shall fully belong to the learned society, and it is not allowed to copy illegally the thesis inserted in the collected papers without permit.



The regulations will be effective from March 9, 2021.