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About JICS (Aims and Scope)

 Journal of Internet Computing and Services is the official journal of the Korean Society for Internet Information.

Abberviated title is “J. Internet Comput. Serv.” It was launached in Novemver 2000. The journal continied as the Journal of Korean Society for Internet Information(JKSII) until September 2013. The journal english title has been changed Journal of Internet Computiong and Services(JICS) in October 2013. Journal of Internet Computng and Services(JICS) is a peer reviewed bimonthly journal that is has been evaluated as the expert journal presenting the study of the related field, related technology and industrial research result such internet communication integrating the internet and the information communicatui technology, security, media, software/engineering, intelligent system, education/application, IT Policy&Servive, Internet Society and etc. It is published bimonthly.

In February, April, June, August, October, December each year. Supplement numbers are at times published.

All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The text may be written in Korean or English. The title, abstract and reference should be written in English. Some, or all, of the articles in this journal is indexed in KCI.

Full text is frellt available from: http://www.jics.or.kr. This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government. Manuscripts should be submitted via the online Manuscript Cenral website (https://www.manuscriptlink.com/journals/jics).

Other correspondences can be sent by an e-mail to the Ms. Minju Shum, Korean Society for Internet Information, Rm 505, Korea Science and Tech. Center, Bew Bldg, 22, Teheranro 7-gil(Yeoksam-dong), Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06130, South Korea (e-mail: paper@ksii.or.kr, Tel: +82-2-564-2825, Fax: +82-2-564-2834).

KSII will send JKII for free to KSII members, certain key individauls in the field by invitation. For non – member individual subscrivers, the annual subscription fee for the print version of KSII is 50,000 Korean Won or 50 U.S. dollars. To subscribe to KSII, please contact the ditortial office for detailed information.

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>  Submission Track


01. Future Internet Technology

02. Wireless Internet & Network

03. Internet Security

04. Internet Communication Protocol

05. Internet Communication Component

06. IOT Applications

07. Image Processing

08. Computer Graphics & Vision

09. Multimedia Applications

10. Software Engineering

11. Mobile & Cloud Computing

12. Network OS & Middleware

13. DB, Big Data & Data Mining

14. Information Retrieve & Filtering

15. AI & Intelligent System

16. Internet Education & Ethic

17. Internet Social Services

18. e-Business & m-Business

19. Internet Policy & Strategy

20. Web-based Application Management