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  1. 1. Design of a Recommendation System for Improving Deep Neural Network Performance
  2. 2. A Study on Automatic Discovery and Summarization Method of Battlefield Situation Related Documents using Natural Language Processing and Collaborative Filtering
  3. 3. A Study of Recommendation Systems for Supporting Command and Control (C2) Workflow
  4. 4. A Social Travel Recommendation System using Item-based collaborative filtering
  5. 5. Collaborative Filtering using Co-Occurrence and Similarity information
    Kwang Tek Na, Ju Hong Lee, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 19-28, Jun. 2017
    Keywords: Collaborative Filtering, Recommender System, co occurrence, similarity, SVD, latent factor model
  6. 6. Method to Improve Data Sparsity Problem of Collaborative Filtering Using Latent Attribute Preference
    Hyeong-Joon Kwon, Kwang-Seok Hong, Vol. 14, No. 5, pp. 59-68, Oct. 2013
    Keywords: Collaborative Filtering, Attribute Preference, Recommender System
  7. 7. A Robust Collaborative Filtering against Manipulated Ratings
  8. 8. The Effect of Data Sparsity on Prediction Accuracy in Recommender System