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  1. 1. Comparative Study of User Reactions in OTT Service Platforms Using Text Mining
    Soonchan Kwon, Jieun Kim, Beakcheol Jang, Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 43-54, Jun. 2024
    Keywords: OTT Services, Machine Learning, Text Mining, topic modeling, BERTopic, Deep Learning
  2. 2. Active Senior Contents Trend Analysis using LDA Topic Modeling
    Dongwoo Lee, Yoosin Kim, Eunjung Shin, Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 35-45, Oct. 2021
    Keywords: Active Senior, Big data, Text Mining, LDA Topic Modeling, Trend Analysis
  3. 3. Trends Analysis on Research Articles of the Sharing Economy through a Meta Study Based on Big Data Analytics
    Ki-youn Kim, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 97-107, Aug. 2020
    Keywords: Share economy, Meta study, Data visualization, Text Mining, Big data analytics, Network analysis, research trend
  4. 4. Research on text mining based malware analysis technology using string information
    Ji-hee Ha, Tae-jin Lee, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 45-55, Feb. 2020
    Keywords: Malware, Malware analysis, String, Text Mining, TFIDF
  5. 5. An Artificial Neural Network Based Phrase Network Construction Methodfor Structuring Facility Error Types
    Younghoon Roh, Eunyoung Choi, Yerim Choi, Vol. 19, No. 6, pp. 21-29, Dec. 2018
    Keywords: Smart Factory, Facility error, Phrase network, Text Mining, Artificial neural network, Word2vec
  6. 6. Methodology for Issue-related R&D Keywords Packaging Using Text Mining
    Yoonjin Hyun, William Wong Xiu Shun, Namgyu Kim, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 57-66, Apr. 2015
    Keywords: Association Rules Mining, Keyword Matching, Social Network Analysis, Text Mining, Topic Analysis
  7. 7. A study on integrating and discovery of semantic based knowledge model
    Seung-Su Chun, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 99-106, Dec. 2014
    Keywords: Knowledge Model, Network integration, Semantic discovery, Text Mining
  8. 8. Ontology and Text Mining-based Advanced Historical People Finding Service
    Do-Heon Jeong, Myunggwon Hwang, Minhee Cho, Hanmin Jung, Soyoung Yoon, Kyungsun Kim, Pyung Kim, Vol. 13, No. 5, pp. 33-44, Oct. 2012
    Keywords: Ontology, Text Minining, People Finding Service