• Journal of Internet Computing and Services
    ISSN 2287 - 1136(Online) / ISSN 1598 - 0170 (Print)

Submission Information

01. Schedule

  • - Receprion of thesis: Non-scheduled reception
  • - Judgement fee of thesis: KRW 50,000 (Urgent judgenebt fee: KRW 300,000)
  • - Notice of thesis judgement result: Possivle for the representative writer to upload the thesis and to confirm the progress        status through the thesis judgment service of the homepage
  • - Publication of thesis: Publication


02. Contents of Submitted Thesis

  • - Field related to the internet and information such as information security, e-commerce, web-based technology, distributed computing, education and etc.


03. Preparation method

  • - Refer to the regulations for insertion to collected papers of Korean Society for Internet Information.


04. Document for Submission

  • - Reception by homepage

The thesis will be uploaded on the on-line thesis judgment service of the homepage (www.ksii.or.kr).

  • - Paymeny of review fee

Citi Bank 186-02012-248-01 (Account holder: Korean Society for Internet Information)

※ The non-member can immediately enter this learned society by using the hompage (www.ksii.or.kr).


05. Reception and Enquiry

  • - Reception

www.ksii.or.kr → On-line thesis judgment service → Submission of thesis → Submission of the new thesis.

  • - Enquiry

ksii@ksii.or.kr / paper@ksii.or.kr