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  1. 1. Corona Blue and Leisure Activities : Focusing on Korean Case
  2. 2. Design of Video Pre-processing Algorithm for High-speed Processing of Maritime Object Detection System and Deep Learning based Integrated System
  3. 3. The Issues and Requirements of the Establishment of Regulation and Standard for Drone Safety
  4. 4. Interconnection Fee or Access fee? - Focusing on ISP-CP settlement dispute -
  5. 5. Network Intrusion Detection with One Class Anomaly Detection Model based on Auto Encoder
  6. 6. IoT Based Real-Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Platform for a Ventilation System
  7. 7. Trends Analysis on Research Articles of the Sharing Economy through a Meta Study Based on Big Data Analytics
  8. 8. An LSTM Neural Network Model for Forecasting Daily Peak Electric Load of EV Charging Stations
  9. 9. Prediction of infectious diseases using multiple web data and LSTM
  10. 10. A study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Speaker's Development Process in Terms of Social Constructivism: Focused on the Products and Periodic Co-revolution Process
  11. 11. Random Balance between Monte Carlo and Temporal Difference in off-policy Reinforcement Learning for Less Sample-Complexity
  12. 12. Theft Prevention Technology for Smart Stroller using Distance Measurement of Dual Beacon
  13. 13. A Comparative Study on the Effective Deep Learning for Fingerprint Recognition with Scar and Wrinkle
  14. 14. Adaptive Beamwidth Control Technique for Low-orbit Satellites for QoS Performance improvement based on Next Generation Military Mobile Satellite Networks
  15. 15. Designing a Platform Model for Building MyData Ecosystem
  16. 16. Intelligent Railway Detection Algorithm Fusing Image Processing and Deep Learning for the Prevent of Unusual Events
  17. 17. Image-to-Image Translation Based on U-Net with R2 and Attention
  18. 18. A Study on Defense and Attack Model for Cyber Command Control System based Cyber Kill Chain
  19. 19. Deep Learning based Abnormal Vibration Prediction of Drone
    Jun-Ki Hong, Yang-Kyoo Lee, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 67-73, Jun. 2021
    Keywords: 딥러닝, RNN, LSTM, 드론, 모터, 진동, Deep Learning, RNN, LSTM, Drone, Motor, Vibration
  20. 20. Development of a Machine-Learning based Human Activity Recognition System including Eastern-Asian Specific Activities
  21. 21. Applying SeqGAN Algorithm to Software Bug Repair
  22. 22. Actantial Model-based Character Role Recognition using Emotional Flow Graph among Characters in Text Stories
  23. 23. A Method of Recognizing and Validating Road Name Address from Speech-oriented Text
  24. 24. Deep Learning-Based User Emergency Event Detection Algorithms Fusing Vision, Audio, Activity and Dust Sensors
  25. 25. Regeneration of a defective Railroad Surface for defect detection with Deep Convolution Neural Networks
  26. 26. A method of generating virtual shadow dataset of buildings for the shadow detection and removal
    Kangjik Kim, Junchul Chun, Vol. 21, No. 5, pp. 49-56, Oct. 2020
    Keywords: Unity3D, Shadow Dataset, Deep Learning, Satellite shadow data, Building shadow data
  27. 27. Implementation of An Automatic Authentication System Based on Patient’s Situations and Its Performance Evaluation
  28. 28. Intelligent Abnormal Situation Event Detections for Smart Home Users Using Lidar, Vision, and Audio Sensors
  29. 29. A Noise-Tolerant Hierarchical Image Classification System based on Autoencoder Models
  30. 30. A Study on Classification of Variant Malware Family Based on ResNet-Variational AutoEncoder