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  1. 1. RDP-based Lateral Movement Detection using PageRank and Interpretable System using SHAP
  2. 2. Development of a Hybrid Deep-Learning Model for the Human Activity Recognition based on the Wristband Accelerometer Signals
  3. 3. Development of a Machine-Learning based Human Activity Recognition System including Eastern-Asian Specific Activities
  4. 4. Malware Application Classification based on Feature Extraction and Machine Learning for Malicious Behavior Analysis in Android Platform
  5. 5. Features Extraction for Classifying Parkinson's Disease Based on Gait Analysis
  6. 6. Extracting Input Features and Fuzzy Rules for Classifying Epilepsy Based on NEWFM
  7. 7. A Facial Feature Detection using Light Compensation and Appearance-based Features
  8. 8. Realistic Avatar Face Generation Using Shading Mechanism
    Park Yeon-Chool, Vol. 5, No. 5, pp. 79-92, Oct. 2004
    Keywords: Face Detection, Facial Feature Extraction, Facial Caricaturing