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  1. 1. Development of Real-Time Objects Segmentation for Dual-Camera Synthesis in iOS
    Yoo-jin Jang, Ji-yeong Kim, Ju-hyun Lee, Jun Hwang, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 37-43, Jun. 2021
    Keywords: OS, Semantic segmentation, depth, computer vision, Dual Camera, Mobile Application
  2. 2. Single Image Dehazing Based on Depth Map Estimation via Generative Adversarial Networks
    Yao Wang, Woojin Jeong, Young Shik Moon, Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 43-54, Oct. 2018
    Keywords: dehaze, depth estimation, generative adversarial networks.
  3. 3. A Qualitative Study on the Experience and Future Job Recognition of Resource Provider in the Gig Economy
    Soo Kyung Park, Bong Gyou Lee, Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 141-154, Feb. 2018
    Keywords: Gig Economy, Talent Sharing Platform, Resource Provider, qualitative Research, In-depth Interview, Contents Analysis
  4. 4. A Robust Object Detection and Tracking Method using RGB-D Model
    Park, Seohee;Chun, Junchul;, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 61-68, Aug. 2017
    Keywords: 3D CCTV, video surveillance, Object Detection, object tracking, Depth Map, Image Segmentation
  5. 5. A Finger Counting Method for Gesture Recognition
    DoYeob Lee, DongKyoo Shin, DongIl Shin, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 29-38, Apr. 2016
    Keywords: Kinect, Hand Gesture, Hand Gesture Recognition, Depth Image