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  1. 1. Minimized Transmit Power Full Duplex NOMA Relay System for 5G Wireless Networks
    Kyuha Kim, Wonsuk Yoo, Jong-Moon Chung, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 13-24, Jun. 2019
    Keywords: NOMA, Full Duplex, 5G, Minimum Energy Consumption
  2. 2. DDoS Attack Analysis Using the Improved ATMSim
    Hae-Duck J. Jeong, Myeong-Un Ryu, Min-Jun Ji, You-Been Cho, Sang-Kug Ye, Jong-Suk R. Lee, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 19-28, Apr. 2016
    Keywords: Anomaly traffic, self-similarity, Hurst parameter, ATMSim, DDoS attack
  3. 3. Design and Evaluation of an Anomaly Detection Method based on Cross-Feature Analysis using Rough Sets for MANETs
  4. 4. Anomaly Detection Mechanism against DDoS on BcN
  5. 5. Anomaly Detection Performance Analysis of Neural Networks using Soundex Algorithm and N-gram Techniques based on System Calls
  6. 6. Network based Anomaly Intrusion Detection using Bayesian Network Techniques