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  1. 1. Intelligent Railway Detection Algorithm Fusing Image Processing and Deep Learning for the Prevent of Unusual Events
    Ju-ho Jung, Da-hyeon Kim, Chul-su Kim, Ryum-duck Oh, Jun-ho Ahn, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 109-116, Aug. 2020
    Keywords: Rapid-transit railway, Railway, Deep Learning, Fusion
  2. 2. Development of Artificial Intelligence Education Contents based on TensorFlow for Reinforcement of SW Convergence Gifted Teacher Competency
    Eunsill Jang, Jaehyoun Kim, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 167-177, Dec. 2019
    Keywords: SW Convergence Gifted, Reinforcing Competence of Teacher, Tensorflow, Artificial intelligence, Education Contents
  3. 3. Contents Analysis of Basic Software Education of Non-majors Students for Problem Solving Ability Improvement - Focus on SW-oriented University in Korea -
  4. 4. Intelligent Abnormal Event Detection Algorithm for Single Households at Home via Daily Audio and Vision Patterns
    Juho Jung, Junho Ahn, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 77-86, Feb. 2019
    Keywords: vision, image processing, Audio, Fusion, pattern, Single Households, Daily behavior
  5. 5. A Study of Smart Convergence Strategies for Enhancing a Creative Economy: Lessons from Korea
    Yong-Beom Kim, Jeongho Kwak, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 67-80, Aug. 2014
    Keywords: Smart Convergence, ICT Ecosystem, Creative Economy, ICT Policy
  6. 6. An contention-aware ordered sequential collaborative spectrum sensing scheme for CRAHN
  7. 7. Analyzing Critical Priority Factors for Deriving Future Industries and Promotion Fields of Energy-IT Convergence
  8. 8. Selection Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
  9. 9. Digital Convergence Teaching Strategy System using Spearman Correlation Coefficients
    Byung-Wook Lee, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 111-122, Dec. 2010
    Keywords: Digital convergence, teaching strategy, Spearman correlation coefficients
  10. 10. Suboptimal Decision Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks under Non-Gaussian Noise Channels