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  1. 1. The study of Defense Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain Convergence
    Seyong Kim, Hyukjin Kwon, Minwoo Choi, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 81-90, Apr. 2020
    Keywords: AI, Block-chain, Hash Function, Big-Data
  2. 2. Design of Blockchain Application based on Fingerprint Recognition Module for FIDO User Authentification in Shoppingmall
    Min-goo Kang, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 65-72, Apr. 2020
    Keywords: Blockchain, biometric distributed ID(DID), fingerprint recognition FIDO2.0, S10 Key-store, crypto-currency transaction
  3. 3. Secure Healthcare Data Management and Sharing Platform Based on Hyperledger Fabric
    Ye-Jin Choi, Kyoung-jin Kim, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 95-102, Feb. 2020
    Keywords: Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Healthcare, Permissioned blockchain
  4. 4. Adaptive Consensus Bound PBFT Algorithm Design for Eliminating Interface Factors of Blockchain Consensus
  5. 5. A Proposal for Mobile Gallery Auction Method Using NFC-based FIDO and 2 Factor Technology and Permission-type Distributed Director Block-chain
    Sun-Kuk Noh, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 129-135, Dec. 2019
    Keywords: NFC, FIDO, Block-chain, Mobile gallery auction
  6. 6. A Blockchain-based User Authentication Model Using MetaMask
    Nakhoon Choi, Heeyoul Kim, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 119-127, Dec. 2019
    Keywords: Blockchain, Ethereum, authentication, MetaMask, Personal Imformation, Decentralize
  7. 7. Analysis of Blockchain Platforms from the Viewpoint of Privacy Protection
    Ji-Sun Park, Sang Uk Shin, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 105-117, Dec. 2019
    Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Privacy, Anonymity, Blockchain, Bitcoin
  8. 8. Hybrid blockchain-based secure firmware distribution system
    Min-sung Son, Heeyoul Kim, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 121-132, Oct. 2019
    Keywords: IoT, firmware, Blockchain
  9. 9. Blockchain-based Copyright Management System Capable of Registering Creative Ideas
    Jung-sik Hwang, Hyun-gon Kim, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 57-65, Oct. 2019
    Keywords: Contents, Creative Works, Copyright, Blockchain, Copyright Management System
  10. 10. Consortium Blockchain based Forgery Android APK Discrimination DApp using Hyperledger Composer
    Hyung-Woo Lee, Hanseong Lee, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 9-18, Oct. 2019
    Keywords: Android Mobile APK, Detection DApp, Forgery Detection, Blockchain, Hyperledger Composer